Homeopathic consultations

What is it like?

When you book a consult with me, I will listen carefully to understand how your disease or symptoms affect you – physically, mentally and emotionally. A disease never affects just one part of us, it affects all of us. I will also be inquiring about your health history, your family history, medications (past and present) and many other details. I will then spend time researching for a remedy that best suits you.

What happens before / after

A remedy is meant to stimulate or initiate healing in your body to bring it into balance; this can happen quite quickly or it can happen more slowly. My job is to note the changes that are occurring and make sure the potency, repetition and remedy are correct and ensure you are moving forward.

How do the consultations work

If you are in Calgary, we can meet in person. Otherwise, I will see you on a secure Video Platform.

I discovered homeopathy after conventional medicine was unsuccessful to assist me with my fatigue and difficulties with celiac disease. I have been working with Ms Wallace since 2014. It is at this time I discovered homeopathy and the improvements it has made to my overall health. Ms Wallace was diligent and caring to find a solution to improve my energy levels and help with side effects I suffer with having celiac disease.

Ms Wallace’s care and compassion for my entire being is something I have never seen in healthcare prior to this experience, and is so refreshing. She treats her patients with respect, compassion and gentle guidance- all backed by a solid knowledge of Homeopathy. Her professionalism and constant desire to learn and discover in her field has developed into a strong desire to help her patients. With her knowledge of homeopathy and the efficacy of her care is unsurpassed.

She has worked with my four children who are in age from elementary to college with acute remedies to combat their illnesses and get them back on track and she is now the one they contact for a remedy as they now realize how fast and effective homeopathy can be. I can now say after receiving my constitutional remedy, my original ailments alleviated or eliminated completely; but also a new sense of being “tuned in” to what my body was telling me.” Ms Wallace has worked tirelessly to support and improve my family’s health. Her knowledge of homeopathy and the efficacy of her care is unsurpassed.”


I want you to live your best life!

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"The natural healing force within each one of us is the greatest force in getting well"